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      Engineering Surveying and Mapping


      Urban Rail Transit Engineering Survey
      Topographic survey, pipeline survey, control survey, alignment survey, construction survey, through measurement, section boundary measurement, laying track baseline measurement, equipment installation survey, completion survey, displacement settlement monitoring of urban rail transit engineering

      Municipal, civil engineering survey
      Municipal roads, bridges, pipelines, roads and railways, industrial and civil construction control survey, topographic mapping, manual measurement, deformation observation, underground pipeline detection, etc.

      Precision engineering measurement
      Large-scale steel structure installation, large bridges, dams, stadiums and other projects went to the measurement 4. planning supervision and acceptance gray line measurement, plus or minus, completion of three stages of planning supervision acceptance measurement
      Planning Supervision acceptance
      Planning supervision Acceptance measurement Gray line, positive and negative zero, the completion of three stages of planning supervision acceptance measurement

      Real estate surveying and mapping
      Real estate surveying and mapping real estate pre - sale, the actual mapping, property rights certificate for mapping


      Cadastral mapping
      Cadastral mapping cadastral plane control survey, cadastral elements measurement, cadastral mapping, area calculation and summary, cadastral change survey, survey and delimitation, etc.