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          Engineering Monitoring Detection


          Underground Engineering Risk Monitoring
          Third-party monitoring service for urban rail transit construction project; Third-party monitoring service for large-scale transportation hub project and commercial land development project

          Existing metro protected areas monitoring
          Underground construction in the existing subway protected areas through the monitoring, under construction in the existing subway project through the protected area monitoring, both long-term subway health monitoring.

          Municipal facilities protection monitoring
          Municipal pipeline structural deformation, stress monitoring, municipal roads, bridge facilities protection monitoring.

          Monitoring the development and application of new technologies
          The application of synthetic aperture radar interferometry to slope and overhead deformation monitoring; distributed optical fiber monitoring technology used in municipal road, foundation, structural stress and strain monitoring, underground engineering envelope deformation monitoring, underground pipeline deformation monitoring and other fields; automatic monitoring of rail transit smart system

          Project Safety Risk Consultation
          Provide urban rail transit project safety risk management system construction and on-site management services, urban rail transit project safety hidden danger consultation