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      Smarter City


      BIM - Consulting and Services
      BIM general consultation, BIM modeling, parametric library development, BIM special application (site conditions simulation, cost estimation, building performance analysis, pipeline synthesis, construction schedule management, multi-collaborative communication)

      Smarter City - Industry IMS
      Smarter City multiple spatial and temporal data three-dimensional scene comprehensive construction, land information management system construction, three-dimensional pipeline information system development, large infrastructure intelligent operation and maintenance platform

      Smarter Metro
      Rail traffic full professional three-dimensional scene construction, rail transit construction risk management platform, rail traffic safety quality hidden trouble investigation and management information system, rail transportation asset management information system, rail traffic three-dimensional emergency command information system

      Smarter Site
      Smarter Site integration of things, intelligent site management and control platform for three-dimensional visual, intelligent handheld site, project visualization monitoring system, real-name service management system

      Smarter Enterprise
      Survey production management information system, survey data management geographic information system, automatic monitoring system, group enterprise asset management system, enterprise human resources management system, enterprise financial management system, etc.

      Numerical Simulation of Rock and Soil
      3D geological modeling, safety assessment of foundation pit engineering, safety impact assessment of backfill, groundwater seepage analysis, optimization of complex engineering monitoring plan, slope stability analysis, seismic analysis of underground structures